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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

As you all know, World Halal Food aims to help muslims locate halal restaurants in non-muslim countries, so we did not make significant update on Malaysia. However, for those who would like to have Chinese food, which is not necessarily halal, we would like to share a few with you.  

Usually I like eating local food when visiting other countries so as to have a full experience of the culture. But after having a few meals of Malaysian food, I decided to try the Chinese food in the country, where there is a large population of Chinese here.

Tip: If you don’t like spicy, please tell the waiters about it because Malaysians love spicy and you will find all dishes with spice!


  1. Restaurant Haji Sharin Low
    Restaurant Haji Sharin Low is famous for its Chinese dishes, and it tastes close to those food in China. A special dish here is roasted duck as it is not commonly found in other Chinese muslim restaurants in Malaysia.
  2. Mohd Chan Chinese Muslim RestaurantMohd Chan restaurants mainly serve Dim Sum together with some Chinese dishes, while many others are Chinese dishes only, so if you have never tried Dim Sum, pay a visit and I am sure it is worth. Another special menu here is Kedondong Asam Boi. I have been to Mohd Chan restaurants a few times and every time I order this. It is a combination of sweet and sour. I tried both iced and room temperature one, and like the room temperature better as the taste is richer.Decoration is quite simple but home-like so it’s suitable for family or friend gathering.
  3. Lamb Shepherd Restaurant Chinese Muslim CuisineI tried this restaurant once and heard that the owner is a Chinese muslim. The lamb chop and tofu with Sichuan style spice are super nice.



大家也知道World Halal Food主要是为穆斯林寻找清真餐厅,因为马来西亚是回教国家,容易找清真餐厅,所以没有在搜索区放很多资料,反正你们在当地找可能更有效,所以这次会集中为大家分享一下中菜/ 粤菜。





  1.     刘记清真饭店 Restaurant Haji Sharin Low



  1.     清真中式佳肴 Mohd Chan Chinese Muslim Restaurant    Mohd为 Mohammed 的简称。 Mohd Chan 分店位于雪兰莪、吉隆坡及布城联邦直辖区 (Putrajaya),这家的特色是做点心,一般清真中菜厅还是以小菜为主。

        对 Mohd Chan 印象最深的是这饮料,叫莎梨酸梅汁。其实我也没勇气尝新饮料,就试一下朋友点冰的,喝起来酸酸甜甜的,也是不错。可是我不爱喝冰的,就大胆问问有没有暖和的 (你知道马来西亚天气热,大家都爱喝冰的)。我就觉得呀……暖和的比较好喝,因为味道会更浓。

    有幸跟老板聊聊天,知道他们店的点心全都是自己做的,不是采购现成的。另外,Mohd Chan的店装修很有心思,给顾客很宽敞舒适的感觉,适合工五知己一边吃,一边谈心事。


  1.     Lamb Shepherd Restaurant Chinese Muslim Cuisine据说,老板是中国来的,所以味道比较正宗。菜式的话首推羊排(麻辣味的)和麻婆豆腐


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